Digital Agriculture

Connected Farms has seen the need for a more unified and simpler approach to many aspects of digital agriculture.

We have worked with farmers to understand the issues in choosing, deploying and using elements of digital agriculture.

It all starts with connectivity – that is, digital agriculture needs appropriate connectivity and also allows the development of a road map to the adoption of digital farming practices over the farm. Changing climate conditions, rising input costs and the overall need to increase food production to feed an ever-increasing population means that digital agriculture will become more and more of a key resource to help farmers.

From collecting data and processing it through machinery automation and then decision aiding technologies, the development and adoption of digital agriculture will continue to grow for many years. Connected Farms key purpose is to enable digital agriculture – this starts with connectivity and continues through to leading Agritech as a Service models, Connected Farms Agriverse and Farm Digital Twins to enable you, the farmer to successfully embark on your digital agriculture journey.


Connected Farms offers the “as a service” model so that our services can be used as and when required, in simple pay by the month format – all we need is a conversation around your needs and we can develop the appropriate solution.

Our solutions can work with your decision-making processes (manual or digital) to give farmers the maximum value and benefit – from input cost reductions through to freeing up your most valuable asset – your time.

Agritech as a Service

A recurring theme of IoT sensor use on farms is that there are many differing suppliers, solutions and connectivity requirements – meaning farmers have to plough through huge amounts of product data to work out the best solution and then look at how it will connect (either LoRaWAN, 3G, 4G or NB IoT etc) then work out how to install correctly for maximum benefit and data integrity, and finally in most cases have to access numerous apps or web pages to retrieve the collected sensor data.

Connected Farms has changed this with our Agritech as a Service – where we have a discussion with you about what you need measured over the farm and we do the rest. Connected Farms will then install the best sensors for the requirements along with the most suitable connectivity option and then combine all the results in a single dashboard – all your data in one place in summary or allowing you to “deep dive” your data.

Combining our skills in connectivity, sensor solutions, cameras and reporting formats to bring you a solution that means you can concentrate on interpreting and using the data to make decisions, not spending your time trying to collect the data. We can deploy and connect agricultural IoT devices over any farm type or location Australia wide.

While generally agnostic in our sensor selection we do test them – you can rest assured that if you are getting an IoT as a service solution from Connected Farms it will work – and that we will look after it. We also do shorter term as a service options – so for example smart silo sensors for silobags over harvest so you are not outlaying for equipment you do not need all the time.

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Sensor in Focus

Wiagro Smart Silobags

Monitor inside and around your silo bags in real-time with Wiagro Smart Silobag sensors. Available exclusively through Connected Farms in Australia and New Zealand. The sensors operate via satellite, wide-area mobile broadband, or narrow band network, to facilitate real-time monitoring of silo bag stored grain from anywhere by measuring:
  • Humidity – the sensor will send alerts to the farmer via smart hubs when conditions breach the configured parameters.
  • CO2 – detecting undesirable gas levels.
  • Temperature – It will alert farmers to high temperatures that put the silo bag at risk of bursting.
  • Movement – the sensors detect movement, so issues such as mice, sabotage, or potential theft can be detected early.
  • Geo localisation – this helps farmers differentiate groups of silo bags that are stored around the farm.

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